Knowing Climate Change

Undergraduate course, University of Michigan, Residential College, 2018

I was instructor of record for this upper-level seminar on multidisciplinary climate literacy, using Community-Based Learning pedagogy. I conceived of the course, created a syllabus, identified community partner organizations, pitched the course to the curriculum committee of U-M’s Residential College, and taught it for the first semester it was offered.


Available here.

Additional materials

  • Students described their experiences and key learnings on a podcast episode, archived here
  • A collaboratively-written blog post presents perspectives on the course from instructor, community partner organization, and students

Total time and possible adaptations

Class met for 14 weeks with two 80-minute seminars per week. Students also worked remotely with an environmental nonprofit for up to 4 hr/wk.

The course could be modified to offer as an introductory graduate-level seminar in departments of Earth Science, Climate Science, Environmental Studies, or Science & Technology Studies.