Glaciología y recursos hídricos

Workshop, Clubes de Ciencia, Sede Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, 2019

Weeklong intensive workshop (in Spanish) on the topic of glacial water resources. Students explored glacier physics through lab experiments, reading scholarly articles, proposing field campaigns, and simulating glaciers with the Open Global Glacier Model.

Course outline

The course schedule is available as a Google spreadsheet here. The first page, “Horario diario”, is the schedule of sessions for the week. The second page, “Bloques”, describes each session in more detail.

Additional materials

  • Assorted handouts and GDocs used for activities are in this Google folder
  • Jupyter notebooks used for teaching glacier modelling are in this GitHub repository. Scroll down and click the “Launch on Binder” link to run them in the browser!

Total time and possible adaptations

36 hours of workshop time, including a 2-hr hands-on lab and about 16 hours of computational lab time.

The course is easily modifiable to offer as a semester-long introduction to glaciology course. The Clubes de Ciencia format, in which workshop participants varied widely in background, demonstrated this course’s utility as a science elective accessible across disciplines.
Depending on student/department interest, the course could add more technical material in glacier mechanics, hydrology, environmental engineering, science policy, or scientific programming.