Climate Dynamics

Undergraduate course, Middlebury College, 2022

A new course, required for Geology majors, on the dynamics of Earth’s climate system. Emphasis on developing quantitative skills, including simple mathematical modelling and using Python through a Jupyter interface.

Natural Hazards

Undergraduate course, Middlebury College, 2022

A broad introductory course on the mechanisms and societal impacts of natural hazards. Includes introduction to important topics from both geology and climate science, including: plate tectonics, seismic hazards, volcanism, extreme weather, modern climate change, and management of risk. Focus is on demonstrating the broad interdisciplinary foundation of geosciences while imparting practical hazard awareness for an audience of students who may not take any other science course.


Undergraduate course, Middlebury College, 2021

An upper-level undergraduate elective in glaciology, focusing on ice dynamics and numerical modelling.

Glaciología y recursos hídricos

Workshop, Clubes de Ciencia, Sede Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, 2019

Weeklong intensive workshop (in Spanish) on the topic of glacial water resources. Students explored glacier physics through lab experiments, reading scholarly articles, proposing field campaigns, and simulating glaciers with the Open Global Glacier Model.

Knowing Climate Change

Undergraduate course, University of Michigan, Residential College, 2018

I was instructor of record for this upper-level seminar on multidisciplinary climate literacy, using Community-Based Learning pedagogy. I conceived of the course, created a syllabus, identified community partner organizations, pitched the course to the curriculum committee of U-M’s Residential College, and taught it for the first semester it was offered.